A young boy shares the Gospel with his grandfather

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Nima is a six-year old boy inside Iran whose family came to Christ in 2020. Recently, he was thrilled to receive the gift of a colorfully illustrated children’s Bible.

When his grandfather, who is not a believer, came to visit, Nima quickly brought out his new Bible and set it on the old man’s lap. Excitedly, he began to point out the story of Jesus to his grandfather, telling him about the Savior who had risen from the dead to rescue the world.

His grandfather sat and listened as Nima, with childlike faith and in simple terms, explained the Gospel and the hope it offers all those who believe.

This story is just one example of how the Gospel is being shared within families across the Iran region. Getting Scriptures into the hands of Persian-speakers is a vital part of relational evangelism like this.

Even as the Iran region is experiencing a season of great hardship as the pandemic takes a significant toll, we can rejoice that God is still graciously at work drawing the lost to Himself.

Will you pray with us for the Iran region, that the difficulties Covid-19 has brought on will serve as a catalyst for many coming to salvation?

Please pray: 

  • For the salvation of Nima's 82-year-old grandfather who is doing a Bible study with the family and is very close to faith
  • For mercy for those in the Iran region and beyond who are suffering deeply from the effects of the pandemic
  • For those seeking hope and healing, that they would find the ultimate hope of Jesus
  • For the reach of the Gospel to continue to expand across this part of the world

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