Yousef: from shackles to freedom

Thursday, April 03rd, 2014

Yousef was homeless by the time he was 15. A painful childhood, full of broken relationships, had spiralled into rejection and despair. He hit rock bottom and attempted suicide. But having somehow survived, he turned instead to cigarettes and alcohol to ease his pain. Addiction quickly took hold and dragged him down into harder drugs. For nine years he battled with heroin, opium, crack cocaine, and crystal meth.

Then out of the blue, his girlfriend became a Christian. Worse still, she refused to marry him unless he too became a Christian. Yousef hated Christians, and had even had murderous thoughts towards a Christian leader he knew. But to appease his girlfriend, Yousef began attending a church that was led by an Elam graduate. His heart remained hard. The drugs continued: sometimes he needed up to eight hits per day, and he remained suspicious of local Christians and the love they showed him.

One day Yousef accidentally overdosed and lay in a coma for two days. During that time he had a dream: he saw Jesus taking off the pure white robe he was wearing and putting it on himself. When he awoke, Yousef finally surrendered his heart, knowing that Jesus wanted to make him clean.  With help from local believers, Yousef was freed from the shackles of addiction. The change in his life was so great that Yousef’s father later surrender his own heart to Jesus, and family relations have begun to heal.

Pray for:

  • Yousef in his ministry work
  • Deliverance from drugs for many in the name of Jesus
  • Churches to be equipped to help addicts