Iran 30

Discover, Pray, Transform

  • Thursday, April 04th, 2019
    Heavy rains have caused severe floods to sweep across Iran in the past two weeks, causing widespread destruction of homes, communities and infrastructure, and causing the deaths of at least 62 people. Iran is shocked and grieving. Watch a video of the flooding in one city [disturbing scenes]. Heavy rainfall After suffering from a decades-long drought, Iran has seen unprecedented rainfall... Read more
  • Thursday, March 21st, 2019
    Two new kids' TV shows have launched this month to share the love of Christ with the next generation. Via satellite TV and the internet, children across the Iran region can join the loveable toy characters of ‘Toyland’ each week as they discover wonderful stories from God’s Word. They can also learn a fun, new worship song (with actions, of course!) weekly with ‘Dr. Shapel'.   Watch... Read more
  • Thursday, March 21st, 2019
    The Christian community in Iran continues to face arrests, arbitrary detentions, interrogations, court cases and other injustices.   Just recently we heard of a brother who lost his job after a period of detention and interrogation. He is now worried about how to provide for his family. Other breadwinners also fear what will happen to their families if they are arrested. Others are already struggling... Read more
  • Thursday, March 21st, 2019
    Hamid and Maryam – two disciple-makers inside Iran - would answer that question with a resounding ‘yes’!    Discover Hamid and Maryam’s remarkable story in this powerful article by Elam’s Executive Director, David Yeghnazar for Lausanne Global Analysis. David shares thoughtful and informed reflections on the strengths and pitfalls of using technology to aid discipleship.... Read more