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36th birthday: Public celebration, private despair

Today [11 February 2015] is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s birthday. The nation has been marking ten days of celebration for the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which took place on 11 February 1979, and which overthrew the constitutional monarchy. The ‘Ten-Day Dawn festivities’ culminate today in nationwide rallies.

But while there has been outward celebration, it is a period when many have been quietly mourning the suffering and oppression that the Revolution -and the efforts to uphold it- has inflicted upon so many. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are charged with protecting the Revolution and their methods of rooting out dissident voices are rigorous and often brutal. This is why Christians are in prison: although they are not political in any way, they are seen as a threat to the Islamic principles of the Revolution.

  1. For Christians who love Iran today is a day for intercession for this nation. Here are a few things you can pray for on Iran’s birthday:
  2. For a change of heart –and ultimately for salvation- for those in charge of upholding the Revolution; primarily the Revolutionary Guards under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.
  3. For those who have been mistreated, oppressed or rendered hopeless by the Islamic Revolution to have the opportunity to find hope in Jesus Christ.
  4. For the Christians in Iran who are suffering because of the Revolution’s ideals: that they would continue to have courage to proclaim the Gospel boldly, and that the Lord would strengthen them in their trials.


11 February 2015