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Elam publishes well established authors such as C.S. Lewis in Persian, and recognised Iranian church leaders like Dr. Mehrdad Fatehi. Hundreds of titles are available for Iranian Christians at its online store.

The more the church grows, the more the need for books

All printing of Christian literature in Persian is strictly illegal in Iran. In the mind set of the government Christians only read Armenian or Assyrian, while Muslims read Persian. So a Christian book in Persian is either out to convert Muslims or to support apostates. Either way, this is anathema.

But the growing church needs books. Brave house church evangelists want to pass on books that clearly explain the faith like William Miller’s ‘What Is Christianity’ or great apologetic titles like C.S Lewis’ ‘Mere Christianity’.

Pastors counselling those caught up in the seeming irrationality of suffering would love to give away a copy of the late Ronald Dunn’s superb ‘When Heaven Is Silent’, the story of how he and his wife coped with the suicide of their son, recently published by Elam Ministries. Or for the many who are hurting inside, a copy of David Seamand’s classic, ‘Healing For Damaged Emotions’. And every pastor would want his or her congregation to read and put into practice the teaching in Dr Mojdeh Shirvanian’s new title, ‘Disciplined Thinking and The Healing Of The Tongue.’

How they would love to be able to phone the Elam Store and order from a list that now has nearly a thousand titles of books and audio resources. But they can’t. Every book that they need for evangelism, teaching, and counselling must be sent to them or smuggled in. And with often limited funds this can mean that priority is rightly given to the Scriptures, not the books. How the churches in Iran and the agencies that serve them wish it could always be a both and situation, rather than either a New Testament or a great book.

The view of agencies like Elam is that while distribution is always going to be a challenge, there must be no let up in publishing the best Christian literature for the church in Iran. For the demand is there. When Christian books do get through they are snapped up quicker than the latest IPods.

With prayer and passion there is every reason to believe that more books can be sent into Iran. And there’s something else. One day it will be legal to print Christian books in Iran. When that day comes, all Elam has to do is upload the files on the server. Everything is ready.