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Campaign for the unborn in Iran

Elam is committed to speaking up for the unborn child, for abortion is a problem in Iran. There is much ignorance and many women, including Christians, think abortion is a normal operation. To explain what abortion really is, Elam has launched a campaign  which includes a four-minute film called 'Interview with an unborn child' one viewer said "I have never seen anything quite like this, it is very sad but very powerful."

· The film contains NO shocking images· Free to download and show in any venue

Visit the specially created 'Interview with an Unborn Child' website where you can download the film.

Every year Dr. Mojdeh Shirvanian hosts training conferences for Iranian women seeking to serve the church. And every year she encounters the tragedy of abortion. She says that at least one in five of the women coming to her conferences will have been involved in abortion in some way. And she realised that one of the main reasons why women agreed so easily to go to the abortion clinic was ignorance. They really did not know what the foetus in their womb was. So she and the rest of the Elam team campaign relentlessly against abortion. Dr. Mojdeh Shirvanian wrote the poem ‘Interview With An Unborn Child’ that has been made into a film; she has also written a book in Persian which explains clearly that the foetus is a human being both from a scientific and Biblical point of view; and during the years she counsels many who phone seeking her advice. She has had the joy of saving some babies from the abortionist clinic.

Dr Mojdeh Shirvanian explain the background to the film



Please pray for this important ministry and that this film will save lives.