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Farshid: being denied an operation

Farshid is being denied much-needed medical attention to his injured foot.

Farshid was injured on 'Black Thursday' (17 April 2014), a brutal day when guards attacked the prisoners of ward 350 of Evin prison (housing Farshid and other prisoners of conscience) with batons for over five hours. Many were seriously injured, and Farshid's foot was stamped on by a heavily-booted guard, resulting in a broken bone.  Farshid's was left in agony for three days before he was taken to hospital, where his foot was bandaged and put in a sling, on Easter Sunday.

He now needs to return to hospital for an operation on his foot, but thus far this has not been allowed to do so.

Please pray for healing and that Farshid, and the other prisoners of ward 350, would receive all the treatment and pain-relief they need for their cruelly inflicted injuries.


Read the gracious letter that Farshid sent to praying friends on Easter Sunday, three days after 'Black Thursday'.