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Farshid Fathi: Prison term extended

Dear friends,

We regret to share that Iranian Christian prisoner Farshid Fathi has been sentenced to a further year in prison. This additional time will commence immediately following the six year sentence that he is currently serving for his Christian faith.  This means he is now due to be released in December 2017, rather than December 2016.

It is believed that this development stems from the April 2014 violent raid on prisoners of ward 350 of Evin prison. Several prisoners were injured including Farshid, prompting a public outcry. In August 2014 many of the prisoners, including Farshid, were moved from Evin to other prisons.

A few days after his arrival at Rajai Shahr prison, Farshid was falsely accused of possessing alcohol in Evin prison. This was the first time the charge was made. Farshid was finally called to court on December 29, 2014, and the one year sentence was issued.

Since December 2010, Farshid has been imprisoned because of his ministry, which the Iranian judiciary construes as a threat to national security. 

Your ongoing prayers for Farshid, as well as his friends and family, are so vital and valued, especially at this difficult time.

Jesus taught us to pray for and bless those who persecute us. Let us therefore pray that the amazing grace of God that we have received in Christ will be extended to the people who are causing Christians to suffer in Iran.

Thank you for your prayers. 

David Yeghnazar