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Fastest Growing Church in the World

Iran is home to the fastest growing church in the world.

According to respected publication Operation World, the church in Iran is the fastest growing anywhere on the planet, even though Christians face high levels of persecution and discrimination.


And most importantly:

The printing of Christian Scriptures in Persian (Iran's national language) is illegal inside Iran, so Elam is dedicated to printing and distributing the Scriptures into the Iran region. Over 1,000,000 New Testaments have been sent to the Iran region since 2003, thanks to the generous donations of many supporters. Nearly all Iranians who are offered a New Testament receive it with joy.

A major new milestone has been reached: after nearly 20 years of translation work, the whole Bible is now available in modern, accurate and clear Persian.

​New Bible

The new Bible was launched in September 2014. The Bible changes nations. We believe this new Bible will transform Iran for generations to come.

Hundreds of thousands are waiting to receive their copy.





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It costs just £8 to print and distribute one Bible to Iran, giving the gift of the word of God to an Iranian family.

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Or send a cheque to: P.O. Box 75, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6YP, UK.

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