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He brought prostitutes home

“How can I forgive my husband? At night he locks me and my child in a room, and then he brings prostitutes into our family home.”

These were the words from Maliheh, a distraught viewer of the testimony program ‘Healing The Broken Hearted’ to an Elam counselor. The program had stressed that we must forgive to be forgiven. Hence Maliheh’s question.

The counselor listened to Maliheh’s pain and pointed her to the Saviour. She prayed the sinner’s prayer, and during follow-up conversations understood more about God’s love. Slowly the question was answered. She could forgive, because she had been forgiven.

Maliheh began to pray a prayer of blessing over her husband every night. And then one day she told him that she forgave him. He was stunned. He asked how she could even think of forgiving him after all he had done. She talked about Jesus. Her husband was humbled, and promised he would never betray her again.