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Iran's newest house church

A new house church was born during April 2015 in Iran.  An Elam graduate, the church’s new pastor, tells the story of how it happened:

“Last week, an old neighbour of mine – let’s call him Amir – bumped into my brother. They got chatting and ended up discussing Christianity. My brother mentioned that I was a Christian. Amir got very excited and asked to be put in touch with me.

“We had an incredible conversation when he called me. Amir had become disillusioned with his religion and began searching for truth.  He heard the gospel from a TV program, and became a Christian. He was so thirsty to learn more about God, and he told me about seven other new believers he knows. He explained they have no one to teach them.

“We agreed that Amir and his friends will gather in his home weekly, and I will call them to teach and pastor them.  And I’m arranging to send Bibles to this group, which is possibly Iran’s newest church.”

Pray for

  • Rapid growth in maturity and faith
  • Sustained growth in numbers
  • Protection for this house church
1 May 2015