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Kerman: City In Focus

The Anglican church used to have a church in the city, and operate a hospital. Both were closed down after the revolution. Today there are very few known Christians there.

Kerman city, the capital of Kerman province and home to some 80,000 people, is located on a high margin of the Lut Desert in central south Iran. With construction starting in the 3rd century CE, it is counted as one of the oldest cities in Iran. It has had a long turbulent history, with security only being restored to this city under central government in the late 18th century.

The area is seismologically unstable and has a long history of devastating earthquakes, most recently in February 2005 a quake measuring 6.3 on the richter scale rocked the area north of Kerman city killing over 500 and leaving 300,000 homeless.

Please pray for these people as they continue to rebuild their shattered lives.