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Kid’s TV ministry: discipleship lifeline

“I love Garden of Friendship, Aunty Maryam,” says one small voice at the end of the phone. The young girl is calling the hotline to express her thanks after watching an episode of Elam’s children’s ministry program.  Garden of Friendship (Baghe Dusti), a vibrant, fun show for kids, is a discipleship lifeline for many Iranian Christian families.

Many Christian families in Iran have no access to church or Sunday school classes. And resources specifically aimed at children are scarce. One mum called the Baghe Dusti hotline recently to express her appreciation for the program: “These TV programs are perfect for my child to learn both moral and spiritual lessons.  You are like a role model to my child. She is doing everything the actors do in the programs.” The programs certainly help with discipleship, but they are also crucial for evangelism: many kids who call in have said that they now believe in Jesus because of the show.

Series 6 is currently being broadcast into Iran weekly. And the Baghe Dusti team are preparing to film the next series. Thank you for keeping this strategic ministry team, and the children they are reaching, in your prayers.

Pray for

  • Many new children to be reached by the current series
  • Encouragement for children who have come to faith in Muslim households
  • The Baghe Dusti team as they prepare to film the next series

6 March 2015