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The Light Shines

Thank you for helping us shine the light of Christ into Iran this year. The light cannot be contained. In Iran today, once the light shines on one family member, it soon reaches others.

The light shines in Tehran: Mona began witnessing to a lady she met in Tehran. To her surprise, the lady, Sahar, told Mona that she and her husband, Issa, had already met Christ but had no one to help them grow as believers. Sahar asked Mona if someone could teach and disciple them.

Mona arranged for two Elam graduates to meet with Sahar and Issa every two weeks. Each time they met, other members of their family joined them, and each time two people came to faith in Christ - a father, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, another sister, brother, and sister-in-law.

The light shines in Ahwaz: Another graduate, Reza, gave a New Testament to a seeker in the city of Ahwaz. Two weeks later he called the man and asked if he had read it. The man replied “No.”

Reza was surprised and asked why. The man explained: “There are 10 people in our family who want it, and they are taking turns to read and so it goes from hand to hand. I have not had my chance yet.” So Reza sent more New Testaments so that each family member could have a copy.

The light shines through TV: In September, an Iranian named Ali called Elam after watching our evangelistic TV show. He had problems with his wife, Leila - she’d gone back to her father and was asking for a divorce. After talking with our counselor, Ali gave his heart to Jesus Christ. The counselor encouraged Ali to reach out to Leila and Ali followed his advice. He took his wife beautiful flowers and told her he was going to be a new man. Leila saw a change in Ali and decided to give him another chance. As Ali grew in Christ, Leila became more interested and started talking to another counselor at Elam. Not long after, she gave her life to Christ also.

Thank you for being a part of sending the light of Christ to Iran. Now, as we celebrate Christmas, we pray that Jesus will shine in your family in greater ways than you can imagine.