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Medical neglect: concerns for Farshid's foot

Christian prisoner Farshid Fathi has been told by a doctor that, medically speaking, the window of opportunity for an operation on his foot has passed.

Farshid's foot was broken during the brutal 'Black Thursday' attack on the prisoners of ward 350, Evin prison, on 17 April 2014.  Farshid was left for days without treatment, then eventually taken to hospital where his foot was bandaged on Easter Sunday.  On that occasion, he was told he would need to return soon for an operation, but for subsequent weeks he was denied any medical attention and refused permission to return to the hospital.  When he finally was allowed to visit the hospital in mid-May, he was informed that, from a medical point of view, it would no longer be advisable to operate. He was returned to prison with his foot bandaged and must now wait for his foot to heal naturally.

  • Please join us in praying that his foot would heal fully and without deformity.
  • Please also pray that prison authorities would cease their abuse of prisoners, and would allow prisoners to receive the medical attention they need, as soon as they need it.

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