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Middle Eastern Church: besieged but not beaten

21 Coptic Christians killed at the hands of IS jihadists in Libya last week. At least 90 Assyrian Christians kidnapped by IS in northern Syria the other day. Extortion, kidnappings, murder, violence. There can be no doubt that the church is under siege in the Middle East. But it is not beaten.

Christian communities of the Middle East are receiving heavy, debilitating blows. These incidents are tragic enough in themselves, but many observers are speculating another pending catastrophe: that Christianity will soon be wiped out entirely from the region where it was birthed.  This is a time for serious intercession. Intercession for strength, comfort and healing for those communities that have been devastated. But also intercession for the church in the region to endure.

But despite the fears, there continue to be vibrant churches in many parts of the Middle East. The Gospel has not been silenced. The church is alive. For one, the church in Iran continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.  We trust that this is not meant solely as a blessing for Iran, but for the entire region. Please pray that the Iranian church might somehow be an encouragement to Christians in neighbouring countries, and that Iran would increasingly become a missionary-sending nation for the wider region.

Pray for

  • Comfort and healing for devastated communities
  • The church in the Middle East to endure this onslaught
  • Iranian believers to find ways to encourage

25 February 2015