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Mullah happily receives a New Testament

This story shows how crucial New Testaments are for evangelism. Even Mullahs cannot resist them…

Morad found himself sitting next to a frustrated Mullah in a government office. They had both been waiting a long time for their car licenses. The Mullah’s patience eventually snapped and he said in a loud voice – “The people working in the office are in need of God’s forgiveness!”

Morad took his opportunity and asked the Mullah about forgiveness. The Mullah confessed that Muslims could never be sure their sins had been forgiven. Morad then shared about the forgiveness taught in the Bible. When the Mullah made the usual arguments about the Christian Scriptures being corrupted, Morad wisely replied: “I am not here to argue with you, I just want to share with you the wonderful truth about Jesus and how he truly is able to forgive sins. If you read the New Testament, you will see what I mean.”

Morad then went to fetch a New Testament from his car. He found the Mullah – who still had not got his license – and said,”I’d like to give you this New Testament. Please read it. You can meet Christ and understand what he says about forgiveness.” The Mullah took the New Testament with respect and appreciation. He promised to read it.

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