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Netanyahu's speech: a Christian response?

Everyone is talking about the Israeli Prime Minister’s surprise speech in Congress on Tuesday, when he protested against the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran. With opinion so divided on the issue, how should Christians pray?

The speech was regarded by the White House as a serious breach of protocol, but the message was warmly welcomed by many members of the house.  Mr Netanyahu sees the threat from Iran as real, and his skilful rhetoric connected with many. A key refrain of the speech was that Iran cannot be trusted, so a deal should not be made.

However, while there are legitimate concerns over the trustworthiness of any deal, many still worry that no deal at all could be far worse. No deal would mean Iran could continue to pursue its nuclear goals without the West having any insight into what they are doing.  And a breakdown in negotiations could ultimately lead to war, which would be disastrous for the region and the wider world.  Whatever one’s view of the politics, Christians should prioritise praying for peace.

Pray for

  • Peace to be prioritised
  • Iran to provide robust assurances they are not pursuing nuclear weapons
  • The leaders as they negotiate this thorny issue

6 March 2015