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One Amazing Day

Church planters Jalleh and her husband Bahram were imprisoned in 2009 for several weeks because of their faith. But they remained strong and believed God would still use them in Iran. Then one day in March 2010, Jaleh received a call from her Muslim father. He had learned that Amir, a distant relative, had become a Christian and wanted to arrange for Jaleh to connect with him. (It is unusual that a Muslim man would connect two Christians - what a testimony to God's work in Iran!)

Amir had been a drug addict for 15 years. But one day at the beginning of 2010, he found himself watching a Persian Christian TV program. At the end of the show, the presenter said, "If you want to receive healing from Jesus, pray with us now." So Amir prayed and to his suprise, he felt set free from drugs and he gave his life to the Lord.

Amir did not know any Christians, so he was glad to meet Jaleh and and Bahram early in April. He told them his story and they taught him from the scriptures. Amir asked if they would be willing to meet his family, and they happily agreed to do so.

About a week later, they traveled to Amir's father's home in a small town about 20 miles from their city. the entire family was there - twelve people in all. Jaleh and Bahram were excited to find the family so open to the Gospel. Bahram preached and shared from the Word of God for six hours. At the end of that time, eight family members gave their lives to the Lord with tears of joy. In one evening, a new house church was born and Jaleh and Bahram promised to disciple these new believers!

But God's plan for that evening had been set in motion long before. One night when Bahram was in prison and praying, he heard a voice in his heart saying, "I will open a new door in Ziban." Bahram did not know where 'Ziban' was, or what he was supposed to do. Now that Bahram and Jaleh were busy leading this new house church and discipling Amir's father's family, Bahram had forgotten the voice and the puzzling message. Months later Amir's father was sharing the history of their small town and happened to mention it had originally been named Ziban. 

Please pray for continued favour upon Jaleh and Bahram's work in Ziban and wherever God sends them. 

Oct - 2010