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Over 1,200 Iranians at one Christmas service

It is a privilege to share a few recent encouragements from the Iranian church:

  • Many of our Christmas services across the Iran region were packed to the brim. At one of our Persian-speaking churches in a country near Iran over 1,200 attended the Christmas celebration. You can see the packed hall in the picture above. A few hundred had to be turned away, such was the desire to learn more about Jesus.
  • So far, we know that at least 100 Iranians gave their lives to the Lord during Christmas in churches in the Iran region. Many more commitments may come to light soon.
  • 300 other new believers from a Muslim-background will go through the waters of baptism in the near future in a country near Iran.
  • We praise God that for the first time in years we have not received reports of house church raids or the arrest of believers in Iran over Christmas.

It really has been a remarkable Christmas, and we trust the Lord that this momentum will only keep building during 2017.