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Over 220 baptised so far in 2015

In the past few weeks, over 220 Iranians and Afghans have been baptised in two cities in the Iran region. Please join us in praying for these new believers, and for the churches as they disciple them.

The baptisms were joyful day-long occasions, full of worship, prayer, fellowship over meals and the sharing of testimonies.  One new believer at one of the ceremonies recalled how finding a New Testament by accident had started him on his journey to Christ. Remarkable stories of the Lord’s providence abounded during both days.

Most of the new believers had never seen so many Christians gathered in one place before their baptism day. The gathered crowds were a huge encouragement, especially to many who had spent a number of years feeling isolated as believers in Iran.

Please pray that even greater numbers of new believers than expected would be baptised during 2015.

Pray for

  • Praise the Lord for this growth
  • Discipleship of the new believers
  • Many further baptisms in 2015