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Satellite TV, Reaching Millions: Lights, Camera, God's Spirit in Action!

Every week Elam’s evangelistic and teaching programmes are being broadcast directly into millions of homes throughout Iran.

In the last few years satellite TV has helped the Gospel reach vast numbers of Iranians who otherwise might not hear about Jesus. Although officially illegal, it is estimated that at least 28 million people watch satellite TV in Iran, and Persian Christian programs have become well known. One of the most popular is our 'Healing for the Broken-Hearted' evangelistic program, which highlights powerful testimonies of Iranians whose broken lives have been transformed by Christ. Viewers are invited to follow Jesus and people in despair are being reached. This is a rescue operation that works...

A woman in her thirties, forced to marry at fourteen, fears her husband's anger. He has twice poured petrol overtheir daughter and threatened to set her on fire. As she watches and listens to a lady on television, she senses an easing of the tension in her neck and back. The lady on screen is describing the protection she finds in thelove of Jesus. The woman watching feels an overwhelming desire to read and rereadthe scripture passages displayed on the screen.

A father sends his family away for the weekend. The house is empty. He is alone. He hasn't been able to find work in three years. The situation is hopeless. He knows that. He had tried pills once before, but his son called the doctor in time. Now he has a gun and bullets. He's mindlessly flipping TV channels when something about a man kneeling and praying catches his attention. What was it the man said? Did he really say that Jesus washed him clean of all sin? That he is a new creation? He reaches for the phone and dials the number on the screen.

A drug addict is spellbound watching a Christian program. When the preacher says, if you want to receive healing, put your hand on the screen. He does. He cannot believe that he has lost all desire for drugs, but he has. He is so excited he calls his mother, one of the few who hadn't given up on him.

The people who phone the program talk to a counselor who often leads them to Christ. If possible they are sent Scriptures, and put in touchwith a house church. Those who come to Christ can then have a decisive impact in their home - and at work.


TV Christian counsels hundreds...Even in prison

Christian satellite television reaches the unreachable—those who would never risk being seen in public talking with a Christian or accepting a New Testament.

Elnaz works as a counselor in a government institution, helping people with intense motional pain. The work is wearying. One day, trying to relax at home watching satellite TV she came across a Christian program teaching about Jesus. She became a regular viewer and would copy down all the Bible verses displayed on the screen. She also developed a friendship with one of the program’s telephone counselors, and was soon asking – how can I get to know this Jesus. Elnaz is now a pure Satellite TV Christian. Her work does not allow her to make any contact with other Christians, so all of her worship, teaching, and fellowship is through the TV. She has grown in her faith, and something very interesting has happened at her place of work. While other counselors might have at most twenty or thirty waiting to see them, Elnaz has hundreds. She is the one they want to see. We know why.