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School teachers, on their ‘last legs’

‘We’re on our last legs’ – that was the message coming loud and clear from teachers in Iran. Inflation has been rampant, but wages for state workers like teachers have not risen accordingly.

And with public finances crippled by sanctions and lower oil prices, it is not likely they will. This means the majority of Iran’s million or so teachers on basic salaries of about $175 a month are not able to take care of their basic needs.

They are raising their voices in protest and demanding action, not words from the government. But with the Ministry of Education facing a $1.47 billion deficit it is hard to know what can be done until the economy is revived.

Meanwhile, the teachers will go on struggling, many of them having to take on second jobs. While most will try to make sure their performance in the class is not affected, inevitably standards are suffering.

Pray for

  • Better pay for hardworking teachers
  • Teachers who are secret believers
  • The welfare of Iran’s young people

6 March 2015