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TV and Internet



Persian Christian satellite TV broadcasting is one of the main reasons there has been remarkable and rapid church growth in Iran over the last several years.

An estimated 30 million have access to satellite TV, and both believers and non-believers watch Christian TV. The evidence from response rates to Christian programming indicates that large numbers (probably more than one million) watch Christians programs. There are many powerful testimonies of people who have come to know the Lord through TV. For people who have given their lives to Christ, Christian TV is often the only source of connection with the church and Bible teaching. These people watch programs faithfully to learn and to grow.

Elam’s media ministry produces programs for both seekers and believers:

  • "Time for Worship" - half-hour episodes of musical worship and bible readings.
  • “Donyayezan” – meaning 'Women's World'. Exploring women’s issues from a Christian perspective.
  • “Bible for All” – Foundationals bible teaching programs suitable for new Christians and maturer believers.
  • “Baghe Dusti" – meaning 'Garden of Friendship'. Introducing children to Jesus and the bible.


Websites and telephone hotlines for each of the TV programs enable seekers to continue their journey toward Christ. Interested viewers can call up the hotlines to ask their questions. The follow-up ministry team regularly leads callers to Christ.

Elam's internet pastors also engage daily with evangelism and discipleship online, through various platforms.  Internet churches meet regularly for bible-reading, teaching, worship and prayer. Internet churches are powerful vehicles for discipleship, especially for those who are unable to meet for face-to-face fellowship with other believers.