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Unexpected Friends

Mehdi and Simin, a young couple who completed Elam's evangelism training, needed somewhere to stay in a city in central Iran, where they planned to distribute New Testaments and share Jesus with people in the streets.

A kind hotel manager gave them a room. Though the normally rented for the equivalent of $30 - $40 a night, he charged them just $7. They counldn't believe their good fortune. Early one morning after they had stayed in the hotel nearly five months, the manager knocked at their door. he told them that the secret police had issued a directive to hotel staff throughout the city, requiring that they report any young couple booking a room. The directive went on to explain that the young couple had been seen giving Muslims Christian books and talking about inviting Jesus into their lives. The manager advised Mehdi and Simin to leave immediately. They were suprised when he added, "God be with you."

Mehdi and Simin left the hotel with their few belongings and walked the street wondering where to go and what to do. They knew that God  is faithful and believed He would use them to work great miracles in that city. they were not going to be driven away because the police were looking for them. They found a real estate office and an apartment for rent at a discounted rate. The owner was kind to them and helped them get settled. For a second time, Mehdi and Simin were reminded of Rahab, who was not a Jew but trusted the God of Israel, hid the spies, and in helping them escape, saved herself.