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'Ladan's story', produced by and shown at Passion 2014 conferences, gives a glimpse of the courageous Iranian church and the hunger of the Iranian people for the Word of God.

If you would like to help Ladan's and Elam's vision of Bibles for every Iranian household come to fruition, we'd love you to pray, and consider whether you could donate towards Elam's Bible distribution project at Thank you.



Discover 'Baghe Dusti' ('Garden of Friendship'), Elam's strategic kids TV ministry for Iran, which is reaching and discipling children and their parents all over the region.



Elam's exciting worship series for Iran began to broadcast in January 2016.  This program was developed to provide an opportunity for the huge number of isolated Iranian believers to join in with corporate, sung worship.


World famous Christian leaders Dr Ravi Zacharias, Anne Graham Lotz, Francis Chan, Jill and Stuart Briscoe, Dr George O. Wood and Dr Louie Giglio share messages of support and prayer for the Iranian church as it receives the new Persian Bible translation.

This video was first shown at the launch of the new Persian Bible on 22 September 2014. These friends could not be with us in person for the occasion, but wanted to send their messages to the Iranian church.


Rashin was just 13 when her father was martyred in 1990 in Mashad, Iran. She was crushed and did not think her life could go on. But, inspired by her father's legacy, she wanted to share Jesus with others.  She had no scriptures, so she wrote out the Gospel of John by hand. Her example inspires all Christians to do whatever they can to share Christ.


'Fatemeh's Story' is an amazing testimony of God's grace and his power to rescue and reconcile, even in the most desperate of circumstances.


'Silenced: Samira's Call' is the moving testimony of one woman who experienced an overwhelming and undeniable calling from God on her life.  Elam is overjoyed that Samira is now a full-time member of the women's ministry team.