Iran 30

Discover, Pray, Transform

  • Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
    Every day Iranians are talking about Jesus across the Iran region - and many others are listening in. Magda and Maryam* met recently for discipleship in a coffee shop in a country neighbouring Iran. They sat and shared from the Bible for almost 2 hours. As they were finishing their conversation and getting ready to leave, the man at the next table caught their attention: “Excuse me, I overheard you talking – can... Read more
  • Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
    Nearly 100 Persian-speaking Christians were recently baptised in one city in a country neighbouring Iran. We celebrate the work that the Lord is doing in each of their lives, and pray that He would use them to grow His kingdom.  Please pray for: those who were baptised as they continue to grow in their faith. their pastors and leaders as they teach and disciple them. their witness to family and... Read more
  • Saturday, September 29th, 2018
    Arash and his wife Sepideh were on holiday in a country near Iran when they met an evangelist, Amir, giving out Persian New Testaments on the streets. Arash eagerly began asking Amir questions about the Bible. It soon became apparent that Arash was already familiar with many parts of the Scriptures. Sepideh was surprised and asked her husband, “How do you know all these verses?” Arash confessed that he been... Read more
  • Friday, June 29th, 2018
    All over Iran and the Persian-speaking world, Jesus is making Himself known. That's why we are convinced that millions of Iranians can be added to the church in the years to come. As the church grows, discipleship is vital. We are excited to share that earlier this year we launched Safar (Persian for “journey”), a new initiative to mobilise discipleship on a larger scale than ever before. Drawing on... Read more