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Bibles and Resources

Elam Ministries equips the Iranian church with Bibles and resources that will accelerate growth and discipleship.

Years of suffering under oppression has created a deep thirst for truth in the hearts of most Iranians. As a result, there is an overwhelming demand for the Word of God in Iran. Wherever the Scriptures reach, people are turning to Christ.

New Testaments

Elam Ministries completed translation of the New Testament into modern Persian in 2003. Since then we have published more than 2.3 million copies. Most Iranians receive the Scriptures with gratitude and joy, according to reports from evangelists and church planters serving in nearly 100 cities in the region.

I prayed, "God, we need Bibles, New Testaments, for our people in Mashad, in Iran." God has answered my prayer. Today more than one million Iranians have New Testaments.  Rashin Soodmand, daughter of martyred Rev. Hossein Soodmand. Watch her video interview.

The Bible

For years Iranian Christians eagerly awaited the completion of Elam’s Old Testament translation so they could read and study the entire Bible. A major milestone was reached in September 2014 when the translation was printed and launched after about 20 years of work.

Nearly 300,000 copies are in print (as of end of 2019), strengthening and blessing Iranian believers in Iran and beyond. And the demand for the Scriptures keeps growing.

Christian Literature

You don’t have to spend a long time with new Iranian Christians before the questions begin to flow:

  • What does the Bible mean when it says…?
  • How should I teach the Bible to my children?
  • How can I deal with temptation?

As the church grows, so does the need for good literature to answer people’s questions and challenge them to faithful discipleship. To meet this need, Elam has published more than 200 Christian books in Persian (browse our Persian literature bookshop). We also distribute quality teaching content (videos, articles and other resources) through social media and on our 'Kalameh' Persian language website. Our team is continuously working on producing the best resources for the Iranian church.