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Training (Leadership Development)

Rapid church growth means there is also a growing need to develop more leaders who can help strengthen and expand the church.  In Iran there is a great need to develop more indigenous leaders who have a sound understanding of the Bible and theology and who at the same time are able to serve effectively in outreach and discipleship. 

The training of existing and emerging Iranian church leaders is at the heart of Elam’s strategy.  Since 1990, Elam has developed various programs for leadership development to help train people at various target levels.  Our goal is to train healthy Iranian church leaders and workers who will effectively serve the growing Iranian church; train others to be healthy leaders; and stand the test of time

All of our training programs are based on the five C’s model of leadership development, which maintains that there are five elements that must be strong in a leader’s life for them to be ‘healthy’ and effective: Christ, Community, Character, Calling and Competencies.  Currently Elam provides the following training programs:

  • Three-month intensive leadership program
  • Three year training by extension program
  • Conferences and seminars 

Equipping the Church with Bibles, books and Resources

A second key component of our strategy is to equip the church in Iran with the Bibles, books and resources they need for effective ministry. To this end, Elam is involved in Bible translation, production and distribution.  In 2003 we completed the translation of the New Testament into modern Persian, and over 100,000 have so far been printed and distributed. Work on completing the Old Testament continues. Elam has also translates and produces evangelistic, discipleships and theological books into Persian.  Over 100 books have been produced since 1990.  We also produce a popular quarterly Christian magazine in Persian called Kalameh (which means ‘the word’).  The magazine is also published on the web at

Finally, in recent years Elam launched a children’s initiative to help produce desperately need Christian books for Iranian children.  In 2004 there were less than 10 children’s books in Persian.

Sending the Gospel

Thirdly, Elam works directly in the field by sending trained leaders and workers to strengthen existing churches and establish new ones. We also produce television programs designed to provide Iranians with a clear presentation of the Good News. Finally Elam works through the local church to provide relief to the poor and persecuted in practical demonstrations of the love of Jesus.

For more information on our leadership programs, please contact the office.