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Church Growth in Iran

The Iranian church is growing with increased momentum. There are daily reports of church growth.  Here is how this is happening:

Trained Leaders, Courageously Preaching Christ

Despite the persecution, Iranians Christians are showing great courage in preaching Christ. Hundreds who have received training through Elam are sharing the Gospel across the region.

The Word of God, Feeding Hungry Hearts

More than one million Scriptures have been distributed to Iranians since 2003. Believers are involved in regular evangelism and all report a common experience. Almost all receive the Scriptures with joy.

Christian Television, Reaching Millions of Homes

Christian TV is beamed into Iran by Satellite TV and is reaching the private living rooms of families that otherwise may never have heard the Gospel. The response is very significant. Thousands respond to programs every month. While dishes are banned, it is estimated that 28 million people have access to Satellite TV.

House Churches, Multiplying ‘Underground’

There are less than 20 operating ‘overground churches’ in Iran and they are closely monitored by the government. Therefore, believers are forced to meet in house churches, most of which have 8-12 members. For security reasons, they are forced to multiply once they reach about12 people. This helps spread the Gospel even more.

The Power of Testimony, Can’t be Denied

There are numerous stories of great life transformation within the Iranian church. Healing from sickness, deliverance from drug addiction, restoration from a past filled with abuse, people who see dreams and visions. These testimonies are a catalyst for the Gospel, as family, friends and even communities cannot deny the transformation caused by Christ.

Family and Friends, Personal Witness

While the government tries to restrict the church, general society is not hostile to Christians. In fact, because of the disillusionment with Islam, the normal expectation is that if someone comes to Christ, other members of their family will soon follow. There are many cases where dozens of people from one family have turned to Christ.

Heathen to Hardliners, All are Included

People from all segments of society are now following Christ. Former hardline Islamic Mullahs and drug addicts worship Jesus together. There are highly educated people, such as university professors and lawyers, as well as working class people, such as taxi drivers and street vendors, in the church. There are old and young, men and women, city people and nomads.