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Reaching Iran

For over twenty years Elam has been reaching out to Iran by training church planters, translating and sending in Scriptures and Christian books; and more recently with TV programmes, and websites. There is also a special department to minister to women.


Reaching the unreachable: Begins with training the right leaders


This account from David Yeghnazar, Elam’s USA Director, helps show that reaching the unreachable begins with training the right leaders. READ MORE


How Elam approaches its training


When Elam began in 1990, the training of leaders was the focus of the ministry. At that time there were less than 10 Iranian Christians from a Muslim background who had any kind of fromal training. While the nature of Elam's training programs has grown and improved over the years, the focus on training leaders remains at the heart of Elam to this day.

Two universal facts about leadership training never change: One, it is of vital importance, Two, it is not easy - all too aften training programs don't produce leaders who truly advance the kingdom. Add in the complexity of training leaders from a country that is closed to the Gospel, and you have a real challenge.

So how is Elam Ministries training leaders for the Iranian church? And what impact do trained leaders have? READ MORE



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Find out how Elam approaches its training

Find out how Elam equips its leaders with more than just head knowledge.