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Write to encourage

Christians imprisoned for their faith regularly report that the most encouraging thing for them whilst in prison was the knowledge that they were not forgotten: they gained great strength from knowing that their global family was aware of their suffering and interceding for them before the Father.

“I sense the fragrance of your prayers as a cool breeze on my heart that together with your fatherly love strengthens me from afar.” Farshid Fathi

Would you take the time to write to Nasim today? 

Maryam Naghash Zargaran (known as 'Nasim' to her friends) is an Iranian Christian convert who was sent to Evin prison in July 2013 to serve a four year sentence on charges related to her Christian faith and ministry.

Nasim has suffered with a serious heart condition for many years and her health has deteriorated since being incarcerated.  She has developed many further medical conditions including a slipped disc, which has caused her a great deal of pain.  Despite this she has been regularly denied access to the medical care she needs.

In late May 2016 she went on hunger strike to protest her ongoing imprisonment and denial of access to care.  She was temporarily released from prison on 6 June 2016 on medical furlough.

Please pray for Nasim not to be called back to prison, for her health to quickly improve, and for peace for Nasim, her family and friends.

Writing Guidelines

  • Encourage her in her difficulties;
  • Share scripture;
  • Write in your native language, but feel free to write a verse in Persian with help from the internet if you so wish;
  • Do not mention Elam Ministries;
  • Do not make any political comments or criticism of Nasim's government or against Islam.

Send your letters or cards to:

In the UK or Europe:

c/o Elam Ministries, PO Box 75, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6YP, United Kingdom

Or, in the USA:

5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 217, Alpharetta, GA30022, United States

Thank you for taking the time to send encouragment to those who really need to know that they are not forgotten.