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Iran burns Bibles, Christians send in more

In May 2010 the Iranian government announced it had burned hundreds of Bibles and New Testaments, according to a report in the Vatane Emrooz newspaper .

The official (from ‘The Centre For Surveying Organized Crime’ stated that within the last few months hundreds of copies of the distorted New Testaments and Torah, while entering the country from Sardasht border area, were discovered and consequently burned. He requested people to be aware of this.

Other religious groups are often violent when they hear of their holy book being insulted. This has not been the response of Christians. They have simply sent in more – because the demand is so great. This made 2010 a record year for Elam Ministries and Scripture: 100,000 New Testaments, and 100,000 Bibles were printed and distributed. Along with training, Scripture distribution for Iranian church leaders remains the absolute priority. Despite the limited support, well over a million New Testaments have been made available in recent years, and up to half a million whole Bibles. And despite the ferocious hostility of the government in Iran to the Bible, brave Christians there have risked their lives to see their fellow country men can read the Scriptures. Some are in prison now for their work.

The figures are impressive, especially when it is likely that more than one person will read a copy, so in fact a million New Testaments, could well impact three million people. The courage is impressive. However, with a population of nearly 70 million – there is still so much more to do.