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When I imagine your pain, I forget my sufferings

Iranian Christian Farshid Fathi, suffering for his faith in prison, sent a letter to the Sandy Hook parents who have lost their children.

On hearing the news of the shootings, Farshid forgot about his own pain of being separated from his children, Rosanna (9) and Bardia (3) to reach out to the Sandy Hook parents.

The letter expresses his sorrow and speaks of the hope of heaven.

To the fathers and mothers who lost their precious children in the Connecticut tragedy,

I really don't know what word in the world could comfort you, what relief could be helpful for your broken heart, and which hand could clean the tears which fall from your cheeks. I just want to say: I am so sorry and you are in my prayers.

I am sure these high walls cannot stop my prayers for you. Before this tragedy happened, I was thinking about my suffering that I'm going through because of my Lord Jesus Christ, especially being far from my lovely kids. But when I imagine how hard your pain is I forget my sufferings. Because I know by God's grace I will see my kids at the latest in 2017 when I come out from prison. But unfortunately you have to wait a bit longer. So I would like to express my deepest sorrow for your loss.

I believe we will have enough time in heaven with our lovely children forever. There is no gun there, there is no prison, and there is no pain.

In the hope of that glorious day.

Your Brother in Christ from prison in Iran,

Farshid Fathi

17 December 2012