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Widely distributed: Iranian news channel confirms distribution of New Testament

On January 12, 2010, a major Iranian media agency, 'Shia News,' published a full length article on their website, alerting readers to the distribution of Elam's pocket New Testament and other resources by Christian evangelists in Tehran.

Shortly after, there was a news story on a domestic channel featuring a senior official warning about the distribution of New Testaments.

The 'Shia News" article stated that: "In the past few days, a new translation of the New Testament called 'The New Millenium Translation' has been widely distributed in some parts of northern Tehran for free. Three promotional films are also included in the package. (One of these is the 'Jesus' film. Elam has produced 100,000 DVDs). According the book, it was printed in England in 2007 by Elam Publications. It also mentions (Elam's Persian Christian resource website) on the first page."

The article also complained about the impact of satellite TV, which Elam provides programs for, and the internet. It then went on to explain in detail the steps recommended to readers. These included: letting God forgive sins; experiencing the love of Christ; daily reading of teh Bible; and being a part of a church.

We hope their readers take this all to heart!

One reader posted a comment: "It's not just north Tehran. They're also doing it here in west Tehran" and went on to give fulsome praise of the New Testament-

"Believe me, the quality of the pages and the cover of the book is so high you wont want to throw it away. I'm not joking! You won't believe until you see it!"

These compliments confirm the wisdom of making sure Scripture is beautifully produced.

This reader also reminded the evangelists of the constant danger they face. His final comment was - "I hope the information Ministry gets to work as soon as possible." This surely is a call for Christians to pray for evangelists to be protected.

Please pray for:

  • God's Word to flood Iran
  • More Scriptures to be printed
  • Protection for evangelists