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Send Bibles to Iran

Send Bibles, grow the Church

Every day more Iranians are coming to Christ. They are asking for Bibles.

“Please send me a Bible,” Hossein, a young man from Iran, requested after watching one of Elam's Persian Christian TV shows. A month later he called again saying, “I received the Bible and now four of our family believe in Jesus. Please can you send more Bibles?”

Another man, Reza, is an emerging leader in the Iranian church. He was overjoyed to read the entire Bible for the first time - something he couldn’t do before. He is more eager than ever to share the Gospel with other Iranians.

Iranians want Bibles

Mona decided to follow Jesus. She was overjoyed to receive a Bible from a church planter. Mona recently called the church planter asking, “May I please have another Bible? My cousin saw the one you gave me and pleaded, ‘Please let me have a Bible - I want to read it.' So I gave it to her.”

There are people like Mona and her cousin all over Iran: hungry to receive and read the Word of God.

$12 (£9) sends a Bible to Iran

With this level of hunger for the Scriptures, there has never been a greater opportunity to reach Iranians for Christ and strengthen the church through widespread distribution.

As God’s Word gets into the hands of Iranians and changes their hearts, the church grows. And our deep conviction is that Iran can be transformed by the love of Christ.