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Reaching and discipling Iranians

RESOURCES FOR YOU for 1-to-1 discipleship

Safar is a simple discipleship journey that enables any ordinary Christian to disciple a new believer 1-to-1. You don’t have to be a teacher or a church leader to disciple a new believer - just a hamsafar, a co-traveler, a friend.

Safar provides 30 simple, but life-changing biblical steps to walk through with a new believer over 100 days.


Available in Persian and in English, It’s free and easy to use.

You can start your journey as a disciple-maker today at - Elam’s Persian-language resource website

We have a Persian-language website filled with written and video resources for evangelism, small groups, worship, children, youth, women, and daily Christian living. You can also access the complete Bible in Persian online.


You can access this site at

Order a Persian-language Bible or New Testament

Need a Bible or New Testament in modern-day Persian? You can order one here.

Based in Europe?

Learn more about training events, webinars and resources for Iranians and Afghans in Europe at

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