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Reaching and discipling Iranians


Based in Europe?

If you are part of a church or ministry in Europe that is seeking to welcome Iranians or Afghans, our Europe team would love to connect with you to learn about your situation and offer our assistance, insight and resources. You can browse our upcoming discipleship events, webinars and resources for ministry on

Need a Bible or New Testament in modern, beautiful Persian (Farsi)? Send a request to to receive your copy or copies at shipping cost only (terms and conditions apply). for 1-to-1 discipleship

Safar is a one-to-one discipleship journey to help new believers walk with Jesus and live his ways. Clear and easy to use, Safar guides you through 30 biblical steps – each designed to help you grow in relationship, go deeper in the Word of God and prayer, and to put into practice what you’ve learned.


Originally developed to help disciple new believers in the Iranian church, Safar is now available in Persian, English, Dari, Turkish, Pashto, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish and German. Free and easy to use, you can start your journey as a disciple-maker today by downloading the App. - Elam’s Persian-language resource website

Our Persian-language website is filled with written, audio and video resources for worship, discipleship, evangelism, small-group fellowship, children, youth, women, and more! You can also access the complete Bible in Persian.

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