• Farshid: New Prison, New Dangers

    Farshid has been moved to a new prison, for unknown reasons. The atmosphere in the new prison is aggressive. His situation has become more precarious: please pray for his safety.
  • Elam TV programs

    Ever wondered what kind of ministry programs Elam makes for the Persian-speaking world? Watch this short video to get a feel for the ministry we do through the powerful medium of television.
  • Fatemeh's Story: A Family Saved

    Fatemeh and Mojtaba have endured years of separation and estrangement. Her father, a religious man, strongly disapproves of his son-in-law. There is no more hope. Their marriage is on the brink of divorce...
  • 'Jesus Is Coming' A sermon by Anne Graham Lotz

    Elam was honored to have Anne as a special guest speaker at a conference in March 2014.
  • Newly updated 'Iran 30' prayer guide

    Freshly reprinted for 2014 with a new design and up to date information, the 'Iran 30' guide is the perfect way to learn how to pray for Iran.
  • Silenced: Samira's Call

    When God has a specific task for you, He'll make sure you hear His call! 'Silenced: Samira's Call' is the video testimony of one woman who experienced the call of God on her life in an incredible, miraculous way.
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