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Pray in a more informed way for the Church in Iran and for Iranian believers.


Pray in a more informed way for the Church in Iran and for Iranian believers.


Suffering But Growing Church

A river. A woman. A New Testament.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This is a testimony heard last month at an Elam conference. The story shows that the One who saw Hagar in her desert, still watches today and sends help. The rains had come to Isfahan and the streets were deserted. A solitary woman walked along an empty street in the downpour. She turned a corner and there was the river, its waters rising. There too was an empty bridge. There were no pedestrians, no cars. The woman walked onto the bridge and looked down into the grey waters. The invitation was cold, desperate – but simple. The pain of life would end. No more nights of tears, no more days of depression. Shattered dreams would no longer taunt her; her family no longer murmur behind her back. The shattered dream was her marriage. As a student in Tehran she had married a professor; an educated man. He would love her; treat her with respect and kindness. But when she gave birth to their first child he sent her back to her parents. The educated man stayed in Tehran. And he hardly ever came to see them. When he did come he was distant. Then after a few days he left. So the family talked. Such was Fatimeh’s life for several years. So, that winter, when those torrential rains had come, her mind was made up. Alone on the bridge Fatimeh suddenly heard a car draw up behind her. She looked back and she saw an elderly man walking towards her. The man spoke to her kindly:  ‘My daughter, what are you doing standing here in the rain?’ Sobbing, Fatimeh asked the man to leave her. Instead he came nearer. ‘Come out of this rain; come just for a few minutes and get dry in my car.’ Like a father the man kept on talking to her:  ‘My daughter, it is not right that you make any serious decisions now. Ask God for help. God loves you. God will never leave you.’ Fatimeh looked again at the cold river, at the empty rain lashed streets, and then at this man. There was something about him. There was peace in his face; hope in his voice. Her face full of tears, Fatimeh nodded. Together they walked to the car and the man drove Fatimeh to her parents’ house. Before Fatimeh got out the man opened his dashboard. He took out a small red pocket sized book. It was a New Testament printed by Elam. ‘This is a present for you,’ the man said, ‘this will introduce you to Jesus Christ.’ He also gave her a contact number. Fatimeh read the New Testament. Later she was introduced to a house church by the man who had helped her. And there she gave her life to Jesus Christ.   Praise God that He sees the desperate He sends help The New Testament is reaching Iran

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