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Intro to Jesus Speaks Farsi

Meet our co-hosts and hear an introduction to the Jesus Speaks Farsi podcast.

Intro to Jesus Speaks Farsi
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Intro to Jesus Speaks Farsi

Meet our co-hosts and hear an introduction to the Jesus Speaks Farsi podcast.

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This Good Friday, we wanted to share our friend Bahar’s story with you again. Her story is featured in our earlier series on Women in Iran, so if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll go back and listen to these incredible Iranian women share their experiences of meeting Jesus.
In this episode, Bahar shares her story of growing up as an Iranian woman, which includes her experience of significant discrimination by men in her home country of Iran. When Bahar learned that a Man named Jesus Christ had valued her enough to die for her, she was amazed. Bahar shares about the freedom Jesus brought to her life and the impact she’s seen Him have on many others’ lives since.   



April 7, 2023

In this bonus episode, we're marking the twentieth anniversary of the modern Farsi translation of the New Testament. 2.5 million copies later, stories of life transformation like the one we share in this episode are happening every day in the Iran region.
In this episode, Joe sits down for a conversation with Rasool, an Iranian Christian whose life was changed dramatically after receiving a New Testament. Rasool shares how, after a difficult childhood and a desperate season in early adulthood, a stranger reached out to him online to tell him that God loved him. Not long after, he received not one, but two New Testaments, which began a trajectory that ultimately led him to place his faith in Jesus. Rasool is now involved in full-time ministry and is happily married with a young son.



March 17, 2023

A short conversation with Dara Lynn and Joe to celebrate one year of Jesus Speaks Farsi. They'll discuss current events in Iran, recap the past year of episodes and let you know what we have to look forward to in 2023 on the podcast.



November 25, 2022

In this bonus episode, Jen will be joined by fellow podcast teammate Moread who handles the design and publishing for Jesus Speaks Farsi.
We love having Moread on the team for his insight and first-hand experience of Persian culture. Born and raised in Iran, he left the country as an adult and has since become a follower of Jesus. Today, Moread is passionate about sharing the story of what God is doing in his beloved homeland.
In this episode, we’ll be hearing a little of Iran’s history, what caused the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and how the country has never been the same since. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Moread!



May 13, 2022

Meet our co-hosts and hear an introduction to the Jesus Speaks Farsi podcast.



March 3, 2022

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