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Pray in a more informed way for the Church in Iran and for Iranian believers.


Pray in a more informed way for the Church in Iran and for Iranian believers.


Reaching Iran

She assaulted a colleague. Now she serves Jesus.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Elnaz swung fiercely at Leila, hitting her hard across the face.

Their co-workers stared in astonishment. They had seen Elnaz and Leila argue previously, but it had never before escalated to violence. Leila was quivering in shock, shielding her rapidly-bruising cheek and damaged ear.

The root of the argument was the same as always: Elnaz disapproved of Leila's conversion to Christianity. Elnaz had been raised in Iran in a family with a fierce devotion to Islam. Now a refugee in a country near Iran, Elnaz had been appalled to discover that fellow Iranian refugee, Leila, had left Islam behind.
Leila was off work for several days because of her injury. Elnaz dreaded her return. She was sure Leila would press charges.

But, days later, Elnaz saw Leila approaching with a smile. “Hi, dear one,” Leila said kindly, giving the astonished Elnaz a hug and handing her a book. “This New Testament is for you. I see anger in you, but this book can help you leave it behind.”
Elnaz was so taken aback by Leila's kindness that she started reading the New Testament. “This is so different,” Elnaz remembers thinking, “I need this peace.” It was not long before Elnaz gave her heart to Jesus and, as she grew in faith, the anger that had been rooted deep inside since childhood started to recede.
A year later, Elnaz reunited with her mother, who saw such a dramatic change in her daughter's manner and character that she also gave her heart to Jesus.
Then Elnaz took part in a two-week intensive discipleship course, to help her grow in her relationship with God and learn to share the Gospel. Despite early nerves about street evangelism, God empowered her during the course. Today, Elnaz remains passionate about sharing Jesus with others.

Please pray:

  • For Elnaz's continued faithfulness in evangelism.

  • For Elnaz's mother to grow in her new faith.

  • For our two-week discipleship course to help many people like Elnaz increase in confidence in sharing the Gospel.

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