‘Don't underestimate the impact of your prayers for Iran’

Francis Chan

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You are invited to join the global prayer movement for Iran.

Discover this spiritually thirsty land. Pray across 30 days. Transform the spiritual future of a nation.

Before the Islamic revolution of 1979, there were fewer than 500 Christians from a Muslim background in Iran. In 2020, many estimate there are a million or more. Despite severe persecution, the church is growing rapidly.

Prayer has been a vital part of the story of Iran’s church. In the 1950s a group of believers met every night for four years to pray for Iran’s millions. Today, as persecution continues, the need for prayer is as great as ever. With faithful intercession, Iran can become a strategic missionary-sending nation to the entire Middle East and beyond.

Iran 30’s short, easy-to-read prayer topics will help you play your part in the beautiful story God is writing for Iran and beyond.


  • Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
    In July, an Iranian court ruled that Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi were unfit to continue caring for their adopted daughter, Lydia, because they are Christian converts. In September, an appeal court upheld this decision. Now, 120 lawyers and activists from across Iran have written an open letter to the head of judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, asking him to overturn the decision. The letter... Read more
  • Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
    Our Persian-language resource website, Kalameh.com, has a rich catalogue of material on prayer.  From a powerful video teaching series by British pastor and author, Pete Greig, delivered in English and Persian at a conference in the Iran region, to helpful articles and recommended books, there is something for everyone. We praise God for all those who have made this material available... Read more
  • Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
    Jaleh had been prayer-walking the streets of her city for three hours, asking God to lead her to someone with whom she could share Jesus. She'd offered to pray for a few people but no-one was interested. She was feeling discouraged when she suddenly crossed paths with a teenage girl in great distress. Through her tears, the girl revealed that her relationship with her mother had broken down: she was... Read more
  • Monday, September 28th, 2020
    A new survey by a secular research body has shed new light on the religious leanings of ordinary Iranians. In the survey by Netherlands-based researchers GAMAAN, 1.5% of respondents identified as Christian. This means that there are almost certainly over one million Christians in Iran, confirming what observers have been saying for several years about church growth. It also proves another claim... Read more